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  • PEOPLE FOCUSED : Always.

  • SERVICE SEEKERS: For our people, those in need, and for high quality solutions.

  • FAITHFUL BUILDERS: Of heathier people, a better product, and of a stronger business.

  • HUMBLE LEARNERS: From our mistakes, successes, and those who’ve gone before us.

  • WILLING LEADERS: When Challenges arise, when in the mundane, and into the future.


“The RC family faithfully believes that our hope to love people, build honestly, work with character, and serve outwardly is fundamentally grounded in the truth of Jesus. We serve because He did. We have hope because He gave it freely. We love because He first loved us.”


“RC Glaze is acceptable for use in food-related coatings according to 21CFR175.300, on the condition that all solvent is entirely removed from the final coating that comes into contact with food, the coating is cured in accordance with the manufacturer’s guidelines, and all the usage and extraction limits specified in 175.300 are fully complied with.”


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